How To Add A Referral To The Patient File

Adding the referral to the patient file

1. Go to patient file by clicking patients on the left hand tab and enter patient name to search 


2. Once you find the patient click the downward arrow next to the name of the patient and click edit


3. Click the referral section in the file and then click +Add Referral


4. Fill in the mandatory fields (all that have a red * are mandatory) 
If the referring Doctor has previously been added to your contact list then you can type the name and they will appear. If this is a new referrer click the plus sign to add them to your contact list.


5. Once all of the details have been added click 'Create'


6. Once the referral details have been added click the Attach file paper clip to attach a copy of the physical referral to the file


7. Browse for the file on your computer. name and date then click 'Upload' to attach it.

8. Click 'Close' 



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