Manually Creating Health Fund Invoices

Brief Overview

If you have a need to create a health fund invoice to send to the fund manually, or you know that you will be receiving a manual payment from the health fund, then you will need to ensure you have enabled manual payments for your practice and invoice. 


Brief Overview

  • Tick Allow Manual Payments for Health Fund Invoices within your Practice Details.
  • Click the new invoice button for a patient, and tick Allow Manual Payments
  • Complete the remainder of the invoice. 
  • Save and Print the invoice, and send manually to the fund.
  • When payment is received, open the invoice and receipt using the fund provided cheque.



1. Ensure the Allow Manual Payments for Health Fund Invoices option is turned on in Settings > Practice Details.



2. Select the type of invoice you'd like to create, tick the Allow Manual Payments box, and click Create.



3. Complete the rest of the invoice, including financial consent, referral, billing items, and any other required items for the invoice. 


4. If you are using the Patient Portal and would like this invoice to be visible to the patient, leave the Publish this Invoice radio button selected.



5. Click Save and Print, and send the invoice off to the health fund. Once you receive the payment from the fund, open the invoice back up and enter the payment details into the Manual Payment section.



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